Executive Search

Professional recruitment

Executive search has become a branch of its own. We look for specialists and executives for your company who would not normally respond to a usual job advertisement or who you cannot reach due to regional conditions.

We will be happy to create a mapping/ident for you in which presumed potential candidates are identified and we contact the candidates directly to interview them. Suitable candidates will be presented to you personally after selection.

Global network

We have a high-quality network of candidates with whom we are already in contact.

Forms of employment

There are two options: permanent employment or contracting of freelancers for temporary assignments.

Selection process

To recruit your candidates, we work in five tried and tested steps, thereby simplifying the decision-making process.

  • A global network - our potential for you

    gütermann consulting gmbh has an extensive network of candidates and is in constant contact with them. We often do not even have to look far for the right candidate, since we are already in close contact with him. As a strategic partner, we provide you with our services and network and support you in achieving your long-term growth objectives. We are at your disposal for a personal consultation.

  • The two possible forms of employment - simple and clear

    Permanent position
    Filling a permanent position means finding the right person. There is a greater demand for skilled workers than ever before. Filling a permanent position is not easy and companies incur high costs and spend a great deal of time in doing so. gütermann consulting gmbh removes this hurdle for you, providing the candidates you are seeking to fill a permanent position.

    Versatile people for your short-term assignments, temporarily and flexibly. Our freelancers are highly dedicated to service. They are available for temporary project assignments. We provide you with reliable interim managers whom you can trust with your projects.

  • The selection process in five steps - step by step

    We work in five steps to recruit your candidates:

    1. Situation analysis: To recruit suitable candidates, it is important to obtain solid information about the company; to get a feel for how the company works and to meet the people who act as contact persons for the new employee. It is important to understand the corporate philosophy and strategy as well as the organisational structure and future scenarios. Our candidates wish to know where and to whom their journey will take them - whether they will be trained and promoted, make optimum use of their personality and skills and whether they will be able to do a good job in the long run.
    2. Development of the job profile
    3. Recruiting
    4. Interviews with candidates
    5. Decision-making process
  • Fair conditions - two variants

    We act according to a fixed contract or work on a success basis. We will be happy to send you our conditions with no obligation, or advise you during a personal meeting.

    Send us a message using our  contact form or by e-mail to mail@guetermann-consulting.com. The simplest way is to call us on +49 7682 8252. We look forward to hearing from you.